Dag beste lezers,

We hebben een geweldig resultaat bereikt met het master study program wat Joanna Badjie gaat volgen in Nederland. Ze is aangenomen op de Universiteit in Wageningen voor haar Masterstudie Agriculture te weten organic agriculture. Er is veel geld nodig om dit te realiseren, vandaar deze ” bedelbrief” we hebben het orgineel gelaten zoals Joanna dat geschreven heeft in haar engels. Dank voor jullie aandacht.

I am Joanna Badjie, a Gambian by birth. I grew up from a single parent family, my father died when I was at the age of 10 and was raised by my mother who was very sick and finally died, when I reached the age of 16, leaving me and my siblings as orphans.

I then took up the challenge to run from one place to another to look for support for our livelihood and education. This is because I have a deep conviction that education is one of the strongest tools that can change our situation.

I therefore was given a humanitarian gesture from the Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia who sees me throughout my education to the University, where I reached Bachelor’s degree in agriculture.

Upon completing my university education my passions became more and more the deep wish to become an agricultural specialist. I began to think about how to help change the lives of others, looking at the World and the kind of food that people eat how it is grown, especially in Africa.

It enlarges my thoughts to find solutions about malnutrition the difference between the production of food that is grown using chemicals and the “old “African way to grow food with natural fertilizers. And of course there is a need to upgrade the “ancient” way. .

I was admitted for the master study Organic Agriculture which is the first and giant step towards my final goal to improve the standard of food nutritional status in many parts of the world and of course especially in my country the Gambia. And to reach my final goal I’m seeking for sponsorships.

The study is expensive and I can use all the help that I can get. No matter how small the gift, it will help me. My intention is to come back after my graduation and lecture at the University of the Gambia under the School of Education because of my experience as a teacher

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Badjie.